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Male doctor explaining proteinuria in relation to kidney health to an older female patient.

Understanding Proteinuria’s Impact on Kidney Health

Proteinuria, the presence of excess protein in the urine, is more than just a clinical marker—it's a crucial indicator of kidney health. Understanding proteinuria's impact is essential for early diagnosis…

A diagram of a kidney with a vile of normal urine on the left and a vile of hematuria urine on the right.

The Useen Symptoms of Hematuria

Welcome to the Kidney Clinic of North Florida! As part of our ongoing commitment to better kidney health, discussing commonly misunderstood symptoms like hematuria helps keep our patients informed and…

Female doctor explaining dialysis to an older man and holding a diagram of a kidney.

I’m Starting Dialysis: What Can I Expect?

When people are told that they are going to start their dialysis journey, they may be faced with a mixture of emotions and various questions. Whether facing the hassles of…

Happy active senior couple having fun outdoors. Portrait of an elderly couple together.

How to Feel Your Best While Living with Chronic Kidney Disease

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have been living with chronic kidney disease for years, quality of life is a big concern for many patients. While advanced or severe chronic kidney…

What To Expect When Visiting a Nephrologist For The First Time

A nephrologist, or kidney doctor, is a health professional whose focus is to assess, diagnose, and treat kidney-related problems. You may be referred to a nephrologist by your primary care…

Are Dialysis Treatments Painful?

When a patient's kidneys weaken or fail, dialysis is a lifeline. Kidneys are the body's filtering system, clearing the blood of waste, toxins, and built-up fluids. There are two basic…

Importance of Getting a Second Opinion

Kidney disease is a very serious medical condition that requires treatment. For those experiencing kidney disease symptoms, finding out what kidney disease treatment is right for your kidney disease symptoms…

What Are the Signs of Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Diabetes is a serious, chronic metabolic disorder in which the body can't metabolize carbohydrates from foods properly. For people without, sugars broken down from carbs in their diet enter cells…

Multiple Ways to Help Prevent Kidney Disease

The kidneys play a huge role in our bodies by filtering out waste and toxins, maintaining balance, and regulating the body’s pH level. Because of this, it's important to prioritize…

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