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Diabetic Kidney Disease

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough of its own insulin or actively destroys it due to an autoimmune response, leading to uncontrolled blood glucose levels. These uncontrolled, usually high glucose levels can affect the entire body in negative ways, from the health of the eyes to the function of the kidneys.

This is part of what makes diagnosing and treating diabetes critical to positive long-term health outcomes, as late stages of kidney disease can require dialysis treatments or even a transplant.

What is Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Diabetic kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy is a serious side effect of diabetes type 1 or 2 that damages the cells and blood vessels of the kidneys. It’s a condition that can largely be prevented through early detection and treatment for diabetes of any type, but one which nevertheless can lead to kidney failure.

When blood vessels and cells in the kidneys do not work properly, the kidney cannot filter the waste present in blood. This, in turn can lead to high blood pressure, a common side effect of having too much glucose present in the bloodstream. High blood pressure is a risk factor for still more complications from diabetes, such as heart disease and poor circulation.

Symptoms of Diabetic Kidney Disease

In the early stages of most kidney diseases people do not notice any symptoms but in later stages you might experience any of the following:

Risk Factors for Diabetic Nephropathy

Obviously the major risk factor for kidney disease and other illnesses is untreated diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes or kidney disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, or you smoke, your risks for getting kidney disease is elevated, especially if more than one of these conditions apply.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy With Diabetes

The best way to keep your kidneys and your overall health optimal when you have diabetes is to keep your blood sugar in check. This means lowering your A1C levels below 7%, finding technological solutions to help control your blood sugar levels, exercising regularly, and quitting bad habits like smoking. Your primary care provider or diabetes specialist will help you on this journey toward better health by prescribing medications and treatments to help you create a sustainable lifestyle that prioritizes your overall health through the management of your risk factors for kidney disease.

Kidney Disease Treatments in North Florida

If you suspect or have been diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease, no matter at what stage or symptoms you’re experiencing, it’s important to visit a specialist like Dr. Gaurav Tandon at the Kidney Clinic of North Florida. Dr. Tandon is a nephrologist, a kidney specialist, who provides personalized care to ensure you prevent the progression of this disease, which, if not managed, will begin to affect your lifestyle in a negative way. Take action and call today to schedule an appointment.

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