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What is Proteinuria?

Proteinuria is a condition classified as high levels of proteins in the urine. This can be a serious condition since protein is needed to build bone and muscle, repair tissues, and regulate fluid contents in the blood. If proteins are being flushed out of the body instead of staying in the blood, it can be dangerous. Ultimately, it is caused by the kidney’s filters (glomeruli) not working properly and allowing too much protein to escape into the urine.

Symptoms of Proteinuria

Proteinuria might not have immediate symptoms, but as the condition worsens or more protein escapes into the urine, the following symptoms can be noticed:

Some of these symptoms are also symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Foamy pee and swelling are more serious symptoms that should be immediately brought to your doctor’s attention.

Causes of Proteinuria

Proteinuria might be caused by harmless, temporary conditions like dehydration or strenuous exercise, but it can also be the symptom of more serious kidney diseases or an immune disorder. Proteinuria can be an early sign of chronic kidney disease, although this is not a definitive indication of kidney disease. Other medical causes for proteinuria include low blood pressure (hypotension), high blood pressure (hypertension), inflammation, kidney stones, kidney inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

How to Prevent Proteinuria

Although proteinuria cannot be prevented, the likelihood of developing this condition can be significantly reduced by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A high-fiber and low protein diet can help reduce cholesterol and regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Eating well, exercising, and taking your medications as prescribed will keep you healthy, therefore reducing the risk of some proteinuria causes.

Proteinuria Treatments

A dipstick urine test or blood test to check the glomerular filtration rate can be taken to determine whether any urine protein is present and how your kidneys are functioning. An individualized treatment plan will be created depending on the cause and extent of detected kidney damage. Treatment may include various medications to manage high blood pressure, diabetes, or other underlying causes of proteinuria.

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